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Thank you for finding us. We invite you try our product, and put the Miracle of our Miracle Magnesium Salve to work for you today. Buy a bottle (or two)there’s a blend for everyone, or reach out to us for further information or questions you may have.

Created with Soul in New York.

The inspiration:

The simple lyrics and hypnotic instrumentals of REVIVAL— by The Allman Brothers Band’s circa 1970–inspired Scott Cantor’s journey toward the next chapter of his professional career—founding Revival Organics.

A lifelong athlete and former professional baseball player, Cantor is no stranger to aches, pains, injuries, and physical bodily ailments. As a Pilates studio owner and instructor, neither are his clients. He has spent the better part of 20 years working with Pilates students, Olympic and professional athletes and everyday people dealing with chronic pain, helping them achieve peak performance and a better living experience.

Year after year Cantor would listen to his clients complain about their discomfort and physical limitations caused by their aches and pain. As an avid ambassador for all things “health and wellness,” he was motivated to find a better solution than the over-the-counter oral pain relievers and oral supplements that only mask the symptoms of pain. He knew that relief could be best achieved with a solution that addressed pain at its source. So he turned to nature for the answer.

He began by delving into the medical science of Magnesium, an essential micro-mineral vital to the proper functioning of the human body and renowned for its proven muscle-relaxation and bone-healing properties. Research showed a Magnesium chloride supplement delivered via a topical solution was the best route for maximum absorption of the mineral’s healing properties.  But in a market full of Magnesium supplements, none really stood out to Cantor as providing the deep relief he sought; and so he dug deeper.

Cantor thought back to his professional baseball days when he was introduced to dimethyl sulfoxide (DMSO)—a revolutionary organic compound that alleviated his swelling and achiness faster and better than expected. He believed a combination of these two natural ingredients—a Salve—could provide the most profound benefits. After years of testing and perfecting, he created the winning formula: a clean, topical salve of Magnesium, DMSO and a blend of natural body-healing oils he named Miracle Magnesium Salve.
And with his first product, Revival Organics was born.