SOUL SERENADE | Pain Relieving Sleep and Relaxation Blend with CBD, DMSO, California Poppy, Lavender and Montmorency Cherry


1500mg Broad Spectrum CBD in 100 ml Pump

CBD rich, with it’s restorative essential oils and herbs this blend will calm, and delight you.  Soul Serenade is grounding and calming. Relaxing the nervous system it encourages restful sleep. Proper levels of magnesium can also improve our response to both acute and chronic stress, keeping us calm.  A must-have for our often fast-paced lifestyles. This blend is especially effective for aches, pains, tightness and muscle cramps before going sleep. Apply Miracle Magnesium Salve daily, to what ails you and/or to bottoms of feet, back of knees, back of neck and to the abdomen for fastest absorption. Enjoy quiet time relief from tired muscles and stress. Get relaxing, deep and restorative sleep.


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