Frequently Asked Questions about our Miracle Magnesium Salve


Pre-moisten the area with a few drops of water before applying our salve as it will promote a fast and smooth absorption.  


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Magnesium is one of seven essential macro-minerals that the human body needs in large quantities, yet our bodies don’t produce it. Magnesium must come from an outside source. It’s estimated that 70% of Americans are deficient in this critical mineral—due to stress and our modern-day diet—which typically consists of food grown in mineral-deficient soil.

All of our salves are a creamy off-white color, except for our Restore&Renew ‘CBD-Blend, which is a rich amber color, natural to the CBD oil extracted from the cannabis plant. The color will not add a tint to the skin, as it, like our off-white blends, is quickly absorbed by the body.

Swollen, stiff, achy? -Inflammation is the lead cause, and Magnesium may just be the answer.

Many doctors and research scientists now believe that most chronic diseases may have the same root cause: inflammation. At Revival Organics, we combined the healing properties of nature’s top inflammation fighters—Magnesium+DMSO–as the foundation and key ingredients in our Miracle Magnesium Salve. Combining a healthy dose of Magnesium Chloride with pure organic oils, natural emulsifiers, and the wood derived healing agent, DMSO–which delivers our salve quickly, efficiently, and specifically, deep into the body where it’s needed, to provide deep healing therapeutic pain relief well beyond the surface throughout the body, directly where it is needed to alleviate sore, achy, tired, or overextended muscles; reduce inflammation, joint swelling and stiffness; soothe stress and anxiety, while restoring calm, balance and breath to your mind and body.
Great for spot-relief after a hard workout, or daily use for an all-over-body dose of goodness.

A recent article by PRNewswire, Magnesium and Preventive Health, claims “Chronic inflammation—not cholesterol—is the cause of heart disease. Chronic low-grade inflammation has been linked to heart attacks, strokes, type 2 diabetes, Alzheimer’s disease, and even cancer.”

According to Philip Schauer, MD, director of the Bariatric and Metabolic Institute at the Cleveland Clinic, “There are clear indications that inflammation explains why plaque builds up in the arteries in patients with atherosclerosis. Chronic inflammation also plays a direct role in diabetes, high blood pressure, sleep apnea, asthma and other conditions.” These conclusions support the findings of an earlier breakthrough study entitled “Magnesium and the Inflammatory Response…” According to Dr. Dean, “This study shows that at the cellular level, magnesium reduces inflammation. …Magnesium deficiency is created when an inflammatory condition is produced. Increasing magnesium intake decreases the inflammation.”

Further expanding, New York Times best-selling author and doctor Joseph Mercola, DO, says, “We are all going to die at some point, but if you’re deficient in magnesium you may wind up dying sooner rather than later. As new research in atherosclerosis3 found, low serum magnesium levels are associated with higher all-cause mortality and cardiovascular mortality, adding to growing research supporting the importance of adequate magnesium.”

Dr. Dean concludes, “Chronic, low-grade inflammation—sustained by excessive belly fat, a poor diet including processed foods and sugars, a magnesium deficiency (over 75 percent of Americans fail to meet their minimum daily requirement of magnesium), lack of exercise, smoking, and gum disease—may explain why lifestyle-related diseases have reached epidemic proportions in Western countries, while remaining relatively scarce in the developing world. The many studies acknowledging the value of magnesium in the prevention of heart disease, diabetes and metabolic syndrome make knowing about this mineral vitally important.”

A 32-page guide to the benefits of magnesium, along with magnesium deficiency symptoms, is available for free at

DMSO (dimethyl sulfoxide), best described by award-winning health science writer Dr. Morton Walker, is a simple by-product of wood and has been called a “miracle” drug, capable of relieving pain, diminishing swelling, reducing inflammation, encouraging healing, and restoring normal function. In this groundbreaking book, DMSO: Nature’s Healer, Dr. Morton Walker examines the powerful and compelling case for the use of DMSO in the treatment of many debilitating disease and health-related problems, further citing documented cases of DMSO’s astounding use in healing and prevention of a host of health disorders, including arthritis, stroke, cancer, mental retardation, and sports and auto injuries.

For further information on DMSO, we recommend the following books:

The DMSO Handbook for Doctors, by Archie H Scott

DMSO, A True Wonder Drug–DMSO is a natural chemical compound derived from trees as a by-product from paper manufacturing. DMSO has been called a new medical principle and a true wonder drug. It has proven effective, either by itself or in combination with other products in the treatment of nearly every ailment known. There has been much controversy about DMSO over the last 50 years. It is one of the most studied medical products ever.

Thousands of scientific articles have been written about DMSO. When used properly it is one of the safest products know. It is also very cheap to produce. This book provides the documentation needed to show that DMSO is probably the most important product ever for the relief of human suffering. Archie is quite clearly a leading authority on DMSO He has extensive knowledge and experience regarding the clinical benefits of DMSO treatment. For decades, Archie has studied and worked with DMSO He understands the safety, utility and efficaciousness of DMSO I highly recommend this book for anyone interested in health, especially for those who want to learn more about non toxic medical therapies. For individuals with certain health ailments, DMSO could prove quite beneficial. -Daniel Junck, M.D.

Healing with DMSO, by Amandha Vollmer

This science-backed guide will help you understand how DMSO works, why it works, and the many ways you can harness its power to heal your aches, pains, and other ailments, all in an easy-to-read and friendly way. DMSO (dimethyl sulfoxide) is a natural substance that comes from wood, and, when applied topically, can offer a host of pain-relieving benefits. Healing with DMSO will dispel the myths and falsehoods surrounding this substance while presenting the latest research-backed facts on how you can reap DMSO’s many benefits.

From dosages to application methods, you’ll be presented with all the information needed to find the best and safest method for using DMSO at home. Discover how you can use DMSO to speed your body’s healing process from wounds, burns, and muscle injuries. This book will help you understand how you can safely and effectively use DMSO to treat everything from headaches and inflammation to osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis, all without the use of prescription medications.

The DMSO Handbook, A New Paradigm in Healthcare, by Hartmut P.A. Fischer

DMSO is a natural substance that is obtained from wood. Medical and pharmaceutical studies have repeatedly shown that DMSO has the greatest range and number of healing effects ever recorded for a single substance. Its comprehensive healing properties are unique, all working in synergistic harmony. Over the last sixty years, more than forty thousand research articles on this substance have been published but the general public remains unaware of these discoveries, partly as a result of efforts from certain quarters to suppress the dissemination of that information.

Having been treasured as a secret for many years by just a small number of specialists and alternative practitioners, DMSO is currently enjoying a remarkable comeback in the field of alternative medicine.This book now makes this information available in an accessible and engaging manner, revealing all about this wonderful universal medicine, its uses and its applications.

Harmut Fischer, an alternative health practitioner with a background in scientific and pharmaceutical research, has been researching this substance for many years and uses it privately and professionally in his practice.This book is intended as a practical, application-oriented reference book for patients who treat themselves, as well as for doctors, alternative health practitioners and other therapists.

Yes, our Miracle Magnesium Salve is used often for spot-relief after a hard workout, but is great for daily use for an all-over-body dose of goodness.

Here are a few of the benefits of Magnesium…
1. May help reduce lower back pain and improve mobility issues
2. Improves proper muscle function
3. Helps prevent muscle injury by contributing to flexibility
4. Reduces cramping by maintaining electrolyte balance and reducing lactic acid buildup.
5. Acts as an anti-inflammatory, making it a great method for reducing any swelling, joint pain, and other post-workout inflammation.
6. Improves sleep quality
7. Helps reduce stress
8. Reduces risk of future injury

“Magnesium is an essential nutrient, indispensable to your health and well-being,” according to leading expert and author, Dr. Carolyn Dean, MD, ND. “By adding this mineral to your diet, you are guarding against—and helping to alleviate—such threats as heart disease, stroke, osteoporosis, diabetes, depression, arthritis, and asthma. But despite magnesium’s numerous benefits, many Americans remain dangerously deficient.” Read more about the vital role that magnesium plays in your body and life in Dean’s book, The Magnesium Miracle, featuring an all-new Introduction. the latest research, and an all-one-needs-to-know approach and guide to Magnesium.

ABC's Of Magnesium

Since all of our products are natural with no harsh chemicals or fillers, they should be safe to use, but we do recommend that you consult your physician, just to be sure.

Yes all our products are plant based only

If you’re prone to allergic reactions or are sensitive to essential oils or other skin care products, we recommend rubbing a 1/2 tsp of salve onto the side of your foot by your ankle and give it the night, to see if you have a reaction before you proceed. Check out the list of natural ingredients that we use in each product, as well. If you have additional questions about our ingredients, please contact us.

We recommend keeping the salve at room temperature, 72 degrees, when possible. Leaving it in your car during the summer months is not recommended. It’s shelf-life is generally 12 months, as our natural ingredients do come with a limited lifespan. When our products are kept out of direct sunlight and at our recommended temperature, the product’s responsiveness will remain peak.

As needed, apply a generous amount to the targeted area, and repeat. Do not use internally, or near mouth or eyes.

Since all of our products are natural with no harsh chemicals or fillers, they should be safe to use for children, but we do recommend that you consult your physician or child’s pediatrician, just to be safe.

“A powerful anti-inflammatory agent, cannabidiol (CBD) oil, the non-psychoactive compound of the cannabis plant, can benefit the body and skin in myriad ways,” according to Gretchen Lidicker, author of CBD Oil Everyday Secrets. “CBD is quickly becoming one of the biggest trends in beauty and wellness, as top athletes, celebrities, and doctors embrace it’s anti-anxiety, antioxidant, and pain-relieving properties, Lidicker states.

By adding 1000mg of full spectrum CBD oil back to our Miracle Magnesium Salve, we’ve created a soothing and beneficial combination of Magnesium Chloride, organic oils, natural emulsifiers, and the wood derived healing agent, DMSO—which, unlike other products on the market, delivers our salve quickly, efficiently, and specifically deep into the body where it’s needed, to alleviate sore, achy, tired, or overextended muscles; reduce inflammation, joint swelling and stiffness; soothe stress and anxiety, while restoring calm, balance and breath to your mind and body.