At Revival Organics, we believe in using the purest ingredients.  See what our customers are saying about our salve:

They Felt it! Testimonials from our customers

Ft. Lauderdale, FL

I wanted to share with people what a wonderful product the Revival Organics magnesium salve has proved to be. I’ve used it for both long term issues (ie: arthritis in my hand and a knee that has flare ups) and also for short term injuries that occur every now and again.  In both cases, my pain and discomfort is alleviated within a few days with regular application. What I’ve discovered it that this creme doesn’t just seem to address my ‘symptoms’, but in the case of my long term arthritis, the pain has definitely lessened over time, which leads me to believe that it works in a far more of a deep healing manner, more on a cellular level if you will.  I hope this information helps anyone who has been frustrated with pain like I have.

Mark Jance / Facebook

Nyack, NY

I was skeptical when considering trying another topical ointment for my chronic erosive arthritis. I’ve suffered from severe swelling in finger joints, which causes pain and because of the inflammation, ongoing damage to the joints.  I was in the middle of an exacerbation in my hand joint with redness, swelling and terrible pain when I had an opportunity to apply Miracle Magnesium by Revival.  I avoid oral analgesics because of the damage they do to your stomach and kidneys.  I applied Miracle Magnesium to my swollen, red, painful joint.  Within a half hour the pain and swelling was gone. I could hardly believe it but the exacerbation I had for weeks ended right then and there. The severe pain was gone, I could move the joint better than I had in weeks.  I’m using Miracle Magnesium whenever I have pain now. I can count on it every time to give me pain relief but most importantly, to reduce the inflammation that causes further damage to my hand joints.

This ointment works.
-Lisa R.

Mark Jance / Facebook

Port Gibson, MS

As I recovered from shingles all over one thigh, I received a jar of Revival Cream and started spreading it on the “burning” skin. I was quickly relieved of the burning sensation. I reapplied the cream every few hours for several weeks. I only wished I’d had it sooner.    -csd

Austin, TX

I regularly use mg cream and lately the Revival mg cream. I find it particularly relaxing for my neck and shoulders and also my lower back. If I feel a twinge I apply it thinly and get good relief. This means I do not have to visit a chiropractor as much as before. At age 76 I have found the cream invaluable in my aim to stay active physically.  What I also like about your product is that it contains onlny organic oils and no potentially harmful additives.  I have no hesitation in recommending your product to others looking for relief from muscular tension.   -Paul Jenkins

San Diego, CA

I really love this cream!!  I massage it into my skin at night.  My experience is that it really improves my sleep. I wake up well-rested and refreshed.  I strongly believe there are many benefits that are not immediately known to me.  I just feel better!!  I like that this cream is thoughtfully made with good ingredients.   -Monica


Six weeks ago I had a fall which injured my right hand, particularly three fingers.  There were no broken bones, but the tendons in my fingers and hand were badly inflamed and extremely stiff and sore.  The healing has been slow and I have really suffered from the inconvenience of it being my dominant hand.  

A friend suggested I try Revival Organics and brought me a bottle to try.  I was amazed at how quickly I felt relief.  I have been using it now for two weeks, and the inflammation in my fingers and hand is much reduced, and the pain is reduced.  There is still some swelling in one finger, and some stiffness and soreness which will take some time to heal.  Revival Organics (Blend) has made it bearable. I would recommend it to anyone experiencing pain from tendonitis or inflammation in the joints.